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Social Media Training with CGFA Project

As part of the USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity (CGFA) Project, VBNK contributed to the implementation of the Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) strategy. This strategy aimed to address desired behavioral changes, such as

  1. Reducing the demand for luxury wood furniture

  2. Decreasing the purchase and consumption of bushmeat

  3. Stopping littering

In alignment with these objectives, the Project established youth-led Green Groups to develop and conduct their own outreach activities in their communities, targeting these specific areas of behavioral change.

To support the campaign, the VBNK Social Media & Marketing team provided a Social Media Training program. This program aimed to enhance the capabilities of project partners and Green Group youths in using various social media platforms effectively. By equipping them with essential skills in

  • Safe use of social media

  • Graphic design

  • Videography & Photography

The initiative sought to enable the participants to create creative and engaging content. This improved their audience engagement and facilitate more efficient management of their social media platforms.

The Social Media Training program educated over 350 Green Group youths and other interested individuals. It featured an intensive 3-day Social Media Session, followed by a period of mentoring and coaching for the youths. Additionally, the VBNK team trained 30 of these youths in a "train-the-trainer" session, enabling them to conduct social media training themselves within their communities. This effort aimed to disseminate their knowledge on how to raise awareness about environmental activities online.



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