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Drawing on the diverse experiences and skills of the program team, VBNK offers four streams of learning and capacity development services. There is no one ‘recipe’ for social or organizational change that can be applied all in situations. Rather, we view the situation holistically and draw from a range of interventions to create the most powerful force for positive organizational and social change. 


Organisation Development

The organisational capacity of target NGOs and key actors are strengthened and improved to effectively implement and respond to their programming or project.


Participation and Empowerment

Partners, local authorities and citizens are working collaboratively to respond effectively to their development needs.


Leadership and Governance

The leadership and governance capacity of NGOs and actors has improved to be more responsive to the needs and demands of their target groups.


Creative Development Solutions

NGOs and actors’ development programme objectives will have been achieved through receiving creative and tailored services that respond directly to their unique needs.

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