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about us


VBNK is a professional, Cambodian-led capacity development organization with a significant track record of helping to accelerate the program impact of social development organizations. 

VBNK was established in 1997, born out of the desire to bring the best of international knowledge about social  and organizational change into the Cambodian development sector. Since its inception VBNK has benefited from  a diverse range of people, their ideas and the creative approaches they brought to capacity development in the  Cambodian social development context. Now, fully registered as a local NGO, VBNK is a totally Cambodian-led  and managed organization that combines the best of creative, high quality capacity development methodologies  with the ability to engage and implement at a local level.



VBNK is a professional, Cambodian-led capacity development organisation offering innovative practices and solutions to unleash the potential of Cambodia development actors


VBNK’s mission is to be the leading capacity development organisation in Cambodia. We achieve this through an accompaniment model of processes that enable organisational strengthening and community participation so that all agencies and individuals that we work with can reach their goals


Cambodian people have the capacity to make positive contributions to the country‘s development.


VBNK’s goal is to improve the practice and effectiveness of organisations and actors contributing to Cambodia’s development.


Equitable - Quality - Unity - Accountable - Learning

- We value equitable relationships between people regardless of status, hierarchy, gender, age or background; - We believe that everyone we work with deserves high quality service delivery from us; - We believe in the potential of people to work together in unity to enable their own development; - We believe in holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards for all aspects of our work and organisation; and, -We believe learning is essential for sustainable development of both individuals and organisations.

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