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The Outcomes and Impact Orientation (OIO)

The Outcomes and Impact Orientation (OIO) project, funded by Bread for the World (BfdW) and implemented by VBNK, has been a significant initiative aimed at enhancing the capacity of partner organizations (POs) in Cambodia to align with BfdW's requirements for project proposal development, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems.

The project has been operational from 2017 to 2024, with an annual contract from 2017 to 2019, followed by a four-year contract from 2020 to 2024. The key objectives of the OIO project are:

1. Strengthening Outcome and Impact Orientation: Participating partners are to enhance their Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PME) systems to function as effective management tools.

2. Compliance with BfdW Framework: Partner organizations are expected to submit proposals and reports that adhere to BfdW's updated framework and procedures, focusing on project outcomes and impacts.

3. Improved Dialogue and Communication: The project aims to foster better inter-institutional dialogue and communication between partner organizations and BfdW.

Our Partners and Achievements 

Achievements and Impact

Throughout its duration, the OIO project has yielded significant positive outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Compliance with Donor Requirements:

    • Many partner organizations have improved their ability to comply with BfdW's standards for project proposal development and report writing.

Some Activities 

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