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Unions Annual Reflection Workshop (LRIC/SC) at ERA Hotel, Phnom Penh

This is the first annual reflection workshop to be conducted with the 12 unions that VBNK has worked with since the start of the LRIC project in October 2019. After the self-assessment and the annual action plan was developed based on the priorities of each individual union/federation, VBNK has provided customised coaching interventions to them. This annual reflection workshop aimed at providing a space for the unions to share their learning, experiences and challenges related to the capacity development with VBNK.

All sessions were facilitated in an interactive and participatory manner to ensure that the diverse experience of participants could be shared and learned from each other. Unions were divided to work in groups to assess their achievements against their capacity development plans. They were also asked to identify any challenges they faced and what could be improved further.

In general, the workshop achieved its objectives satisfactorily and went smoothly with active participation from all participants even though the unions did not start all at the same stage in this process. All of them really enjoyed the reflection, sharing and discussing what they have learnt so far under the LRIC project.

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