Organizational Development

We facilitate processes that uncover ways to strengthen organizational effectiveness by focusing on existing capacity and how to utilize and expand it, rather than using a problem based methodology. The tailored approach allows partners to move beyond conventional training outputs and recognize the importance of addressing underlying organizational culture and what this contributes to individual behavioral and performance issues. We can help an organization look into their core operating model and understand the degree of alignment with the organization’s vision and mission.

Our approach encourages diagnosis in a systemic framework: describing strengths; identifying the causes of difficulties; and drawing out the connections between individual motivation and skills and organizational performance. VBNK’s holistic approach to diagnosing and remedying organizational performance takes into consideration the relationship between staff, the organization and the environment in which they operate.

Examples of our services include:

  • Planned organizational changes
  • Development or clarification of organizational values and ethics
  • Localization processes
  • Development of structure and good governance (Boards)
  • Facilitation of planning processes – including strategic planning; project management and the identification of Vision, Mission and Goals
  • Facilitation of organizational events and workshops
  • HR Support e.g. management reviews and performance management
  • Team building activities