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Membership Database Management of CTWF

CTWF is one of 12 SC’s partners who has received the technical support from VBNK to build their capacity in the membership database development to manage the members of all their 10 local union members. There are four ExCom members including President, Secretary Gender, Treasurer, and Organizing Officer, actively participated in the capacity development interventions with two VBNK’s Senior Consultants, Mr. Lay Channdara and Ms. Kao Sokdeth.

CTWF has received coaching from VBNK since April 2020 with the key priority topics including ToR of ExCom development, Membership Policy Development, QuickBooks system, and Membership Database development.

Based on result of the assessment, CTWF did not have Membership Database to manage the members from all local union members and individual members because they have some issues such as there are no computers for the team to use, limited knowledge of database development and it’s use, and they did not have clear roles and responsible of ExCom members to responsible for membership management. Without membership database, it is very difficult for CTWF to communicate with the members for supporting them timely and membership fee collections.

Mr. Yin Kimeng is one of CTWF’s ExCom who regularly participated in Capacity development interventions from VBNK. He is the key person who is responsible for Membership Database Management.

Mr. Kimeng said that with the technical support/interventions from VBNK’s consultants to build the capacity of ExCom team in development of the membership database, he and his team learned a lot in development of membership database and the management such as the importance of Membership database for management and reporting, define key information of the members for the management, assigned staff for the management, and how to review and update the members’ information in the membership database.  He updated that as results presently, CTWF has developed the membership database with 23 key information of the members that are useful for CTWF for membership management.

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