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IDEA`s Success Story of Using Social Media to Share a Good Stories

Mr. Bunthan is one of IDEA’s staff who participated in VBNK’s Social Media Training (SMT) from 11-13 March 2020. For his work in IDEA, he is the Admin Assistant who supports the general administrative tasks, and supports the delivery of their communications strategy.

He said that he gained a lot of knowledge from the Social Media Training such as techniques for taking​ good pictures, video development, editing photos and poster development through utilizing the CANVA software, and using the Facebook Live video function.

After attending VBNK’s SMT training, Bunthan, was assigned to be responsible to be the Admin of IDEA’s Facebook Page to promote and manage the page. One of his goals was to increase engagement with their target audiences. At the beginning of this work, IDEA’s Facebook Page only had 100 ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’.

He started to update their Facebook page as soon as he returned from the training, and with some support from the Executive Committee, he implemented his learning from VBNK’s SMT to first review and improve the organizational Facebook page, including updating contact information and IDEA’s working hours etc.

Once the review was completed, he started posting information about events and sharing other useful information for their main target group, ensuring that the photos he was sharing incorporated the lessons learnt from the photography training session. He uses Facebook Live every week, on Thursday, from 11h00-12h00 in order to publicise the VOICE of MEMBERS to the public and decision-makers. The captions are developed in Khmer with an English translation below. The captions and photos are reviewed by the ExCom before posting on the Facebook page.

To date (by 8th July 2020), his efforts have increased their audience engagement and followers and page ‘Likes’ considerably from the initial 100 to 5566  ‘likes’ and 5682 followers. The number of views for the last Live video was 1.6K and it was shared 91 times.

He expressed that “I am very happy to see the great results and the huge increases in audience engagement, ‘Likes’ and ‘follows”, as well as how many people are viewing the page and videos”. I am happy that I can apply my learning to promote my organization’s work as well as raise the voices of our members with the public. During the COVID-19 situation, our members have really struggled, so the Facebook page has provided a valuable resource for them to communicate with each other and to tell their stories.

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