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Follow-up workshop on Financial Management

Kolb’s Learning Cycle proposes that the opportunity to reflect on our experiences is vital to the learning process. By encouraging participants to reflect on the actual experiences at their workplace and the inputs they have received from the training workshop, they will be able to identify what worked well and what did not.

Reflection is part of VBNK’s learning approach to assess the factors that help to support the learning and factors that hinder and what we might have done differently.

A follow-up workshop on Financial Management was held on 03-05 February 2021 in Siem Reap province and facilitated by two VBNK senior finance consultants Mr. Ou Saorn and Mr. Lay Chandara. The results of the workshop showed that most of the participants have applied what they had learned from the training course. The supporting factors for the application of their learning included clear instruction and tools provided by the facilitators; internal support from key relevant staff within their organization; their leadership is open-minded to accept the new change and so on. However, a few organizations were not able to apply due to the fact that they do not have enough staff to perform the changes.

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