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Financial Management and Membership Database

VBNK conducts coaching with CTWF with the fund support from Solidarity Committee from 8th-9th October 2020 at CTWF/CLC’s Office. The objective of the coaching is to improve financial management and membership database development. The coaching focused on how to enter information of members in Membership Database and how to post transections in QuickBooks Accounting System to improve membership and financial management to ensure better operation and transparency in the federation.


As a result, the participants are satisfied with the coaching and learnt a lot from the coaching. The participants expressed that these coaching are good and useful for the team to better to improve on financial and membership management of the federation. Recently, CTWF received fund support from EWMI for the first funding. The financial management will help them to better manage the funding and eventually receive more new funding in the future.


If we catch-up with the sessions then we will apply the knowledge gained to improve our federation. I hope our team members will fully participate in all coaching sessions to support the federation and support our members”, said the president.

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