One strand of facilitation focuses on working with groups to identify issues that are important to them, decide on solutions, create new possibilities and discover new ways of working together. This includes conflict mediation, brokering multi-stakeholder partnerships, building team effectiveness, and helping organisations get unstuck. A second strand includes the facilitation of workshops, strategic planning, operational planning, program reviews and values clarification interventions.

VBNK’s Services help individuals, organizations and communities identify issues that are important to them, decide on solutions and plan a course of action. With our approach, we aim to build consensus, shared meaning, agreement on critical issues and priorities and to work towards action-oriented decision-making.

We also facilitate dialogue and conduct analysis with groups, teams, whole organizations and key stakeholders.

More and more organizations in Cambodia are recognizing the value of their senior staff engaging in guided conversations about their roles and priorities. VBNK provides coaching services to respond to the specific circumstances faced by client staff (both individuals and teams). Our qualified staff members draw on creative coaching methods to assist clients to analyze the realities of their situations, to choose solutions that they can put into action and to link their learning to organizational goals, and to support them.