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Empowering Accountability

The Empowering Accountability Project (EAP) is conducting an end-line review of the project by the of July 2021, to explore the achievements and impact after the project has been implemented over the past two and a half years. The EAP team has been conducting the end-line survey interviews with NGO partners, Commune Council representatives (CCs/CCWCs) and Community Representative in Tbong Khmum, Kampong Cham and Kampong Thom provinces.

The “Empowering Accountability” (EA) project aims to bring NGOs, CCs/CCWCs, community representatives and villagers together in purposeful processes to identify and resolve local issues. Through building trust and improving relationships amongst the stakeholders, our aim is for the groups to cooperate and work together effectively, and in a sustainable way on local development objectives.

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak n in Cambodia, most of the end-line survey interviews were conducted face-to-face and via online platforms through Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Telegram because POs and stakeholders are familiar with these tools. The EAP team conducted Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) to ensure that all participants could actively engage in the discussions and conducted some Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) with individuals where necessary and appropriate.

The end-line data is being generated at the end of the project to:

  1. Assess the achievements of the project against the objectives and to measure the results against the Baseline
  2. Explore the changes in the communities because of the project activities which included empowering communities to engage in and influence local social developments, capacity development for all participants and relationship building amongst all the stakeholders.


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