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Develop Financial Manual and Procedure – Financial Management

The Financial Manual and procedure is important to ensure that the organization has good internal control and financial management which is transparent and accountable to stakeholders and membership.

On 29th March 2021, VBNK’s consult conduct the online coaching with CTWUF’s team on Financial Policy Development. CTWUF is one of 12 partners that get support from the Solidarity Center in the project of LARIC.

VBNK tries all the alternative ways by working online to provide support to the partners in the Covid-19 pandemic. Microsoft team is one of the famous online platforms that VBNK team has used to provide coaching to the partners.

Based on the experience of coaching online with CTWUF on the Financial Policy Development, we found that working online is the best way to keep our work continued smoothly while we cannot meet face-to-face. It is an easy method and saves time for traveling and we can meet people from various locations. For the result of coaching, we get the fruitful result as plan. However, we face with some challenges including low speed/slow of the internet, difficulty to explain the technical terms used in accounting to the participants, and we cannot observe the interaction of the participants during coaching, it is difficult for the discussion because few CTWUF’s teams are new with online platform uses that need time to provide them instructions and time to fix it.

What we learned from this online coaching for the next time coaching, we need to inform the participants to prepare their computer in advance to ensure it works well, check the internet by turn-off all unused browsers, and keep all relevant documents supports closely with them for verification. Moreover, we should orient them the interface, its tools/function of the application and how to use it such as raising hand up, mute voice, and another signal, etc.

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