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Capacity Development improved the effectiveness of program and OD

The capacity development helps the program implementors refresh their knowledge and skills to make the program implementation more effective and efficiency. The capacity also development also promotes the lifelong learning culture for the person individually and the organization.

VBNK has been supporting the partner organizations through the capacity development coaching and mentoring approaches. Currently, VBNK consultant coaches are conducting the annual reassessment of the capacity development interventions to seek the progress, challenges and lesson learned. The partner organization members explained various changes made by the capacity development interventions from VBNK such as strengthening the organization internal systems and strategies to be more responsive to the needs of the organization and community they work with.

On September 23 and October 02,2020, the VBNK coach, Mr. Chhit Muny convened the participatory reassessment and reflection with partner organizations, ADHOC and YCC to learn the progress from the capacity development interventions.

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