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Annual Reflection Workshop

The outreach activities were conducted by Community Representative and Duty Bearers who involved with Empowering Accountability Project. They were supported by the VBNK’s NGO partners to provide communities with the confidence and opportunities to share their ideas and have their voices heard in local decision-making processes and introduced citizens to understand the process of influencing the Commune Investment plan (CIP) and local Action Plan (LAP).

The majority of the outreach activities is conducted at the houses of the villagers with peer-to-peer or group presentations. The outreach session is divided into two parts: the first part is to raise the awareness about the commune investment program and empower citizens to decision making process. Additionally, the role and rights of the citizen in the process is discussed, and how they can monitor the implementation of the CIP and LAP as well as providing feedback on the services provided by the duty bearers. The second part of the session is to assess the current situation in the village or commune. Villagers can share their opinions on the progress or challenges happening in their communities as the result of the work of the duty bearers; what other issues they would like the duty bearers to address; and how they want those issues to be addressed.

The outreach sessions become very popular and is effective way of ensuring all of the villagers have a voice in the local decision-making processes. Overall, most of the villagers reported having a good understanding of the CIP process, LAP and their rights as citizens. Villagers felt confident to express their ideas and concerns to the duty bearers and the duty bearers received additional information about issues that they need to consider to be included in the CIP and Local Action plan.

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