About Us

VBNK is a professional, Cambodian-led capacity development organization with a significant track record of helping to accelerate the program impact of social development organizations.

VBNK was established in 1997, born out of the desire to bring the best of international knowledge about social and organizational change into the Cambodian development sector. Since its inception VBNK has benefited from a diverse range of people, their ideas and the creative approaches they brought to capacity development in the Cambodian social development context. Now, fully registered as a local NGO, VBNK is a totally Cambodian-led and managed organization that combines the best of creative, high quality capacity development methodologies with the ability to engage and implement at a local level.

VBNK works with a wide range of civil society organizations, public and private sector to enable them to contribute more effectively to sustainable development in Cambodia.

Mission & Vision


VBNK wants to see people with the capacity to proactively and responsibly promote wellbeing and create positive social change.


VBNK exists to improve the quality of capacity development initiatives in multiple stakeholder environments through the use of creative consulting methods to accelerate, increase and sustain the impact of social change initiatives.