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VBNK’s Annual Impact Assessment

As a learning organization, VBNK conducts the Annual Impact Assessment (AIA) during the week of November 5-9, 2018. It aims at assessing the impact of its consultancy services and projects implementation in partnership with Civil Society Organisatios (CSOs) for organizational development and civic engagement. We have used the proven tool of the Annual Impact Assessment for several years to gain knowledge, to improve our services to the CSOs and to foster sharing lessons learned. This year, VBNK’s team decided to focus on the theme of Good Governance of the CSOs with the different project implementations such as Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening Project (CCSS), Strengthening Grassroots Democracy Project (SGD), and Outcome and Outcome and Impact Orientation Capacity Development Project (OIO), and last but not least the Leadership Development Program (LDP).

Amongst the large number of VBNK partner organizations, Veterans International Cambodia (VIC) has been selected to participate in this process.

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