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VBNK-Strategic plan review

To respond to the rapid changes in the Cambodian development context, VBNK continually seeks to enhance its own capacity to respond to the increasingly complex development needs of those who are not yet fully able to participate and benefit from the changes going on around them.

A strategic review is therefore required in order to provide comprehensive analysis and recommendations that can guide VBNK when it undertakes its next strategic planning exercise in 2020. The purposes of the review include: 1) seeking evidence and opinions from a broad range of VBNK’s stakeholders about the relevance of the current strategy in the current social development context in Cambodia, any notable gaps in the current program framework or focus areas; 2) the extent to which the current strategic objectives have been achieved; 3) factors contributing to or hindering success; and 4) making recommendations that will inform the upcoming strategic planning process to guide VBNK’s work for the next few years.

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