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VBNK staff retreat Prime Teamwork

What generates trust between people working together in a team?

Trust was found to be the most importance element of the team spirit and teamwork. Although this is not new to most of us, but it even becomes more emphasis and apparent, the discovery of which VBNK staff experienced and learnt through a careful designed, tryout, reflected and realized at the annual staff retreat 2019 (21-23 January) facilitated by our experienced coach.

We also concluded our learning from the following five dysfunctions of the team, and the most importance element is the one on the bottom of the triangle.

VBNK team continues using the gathering time in a quiet retreat venue to explore options and actions to build teamwork especially around the improvement of staff ability, the believability environment at work, the connection and the sense of inter-dependency.

Last, but not least all VBNK member have written a personal commitment they bring home around the team building and trust among others such as the commitment to bring the best leadership team and best quality and professional services.

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