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Structure follows Strategy! Changing the way VBNK is organised

VBNK is playing a leading role in delivering organisational and strategic communications capacity development assistance to Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening (CCSS) partners and grantees. As part of this work VBNK is required to support its own development through implementation of its Capacity Development Plan and Annual Action Plan.

We have recognised that restructuring of the Programme Unit is essential to create the flexibility needed to deliver on multiple projects at the same time. We also want to have a structure that promotes and facilitates learning within the team, and builds the culture (trust, communication, cooperation, etc.) needed to move towards an alternative leadership model. After discussing these needs during the retreat, we had a follow up meeting on 6th March to agree a new way of working. In future we will not have a fixed hierarchy, but project leaders will share responsibility for ensuring that the whole unit is working effectively and achieving expected deliverables. The discussion also included exploring new ways of learning together, such as peer coaching and mentoring for sharing the learning from our work. To get this started individual staff identified his/her coach and mentor for the year 2018.

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