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Strengthening Financial Management of NGOs

VBNK conducted two training courses on Practical Finance Manual Development/Update and Effective Internal Control and Prevent Fraud from 09 to 14 September 2019 for Non-Profit Organizations’ staff in Cambodia, Siem Reap Province. There were 25 participants (15 women) came from 22 NGOs (15 LNGOs and 7 INGOs). These training courses were facilitated by two VBNK’s Senior Finance Consultants (Mr. Ou Saorn & Mr. Lay Channdara). The aim of these training course was:

  • To enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in developing and updating finance manuals to improve effective internal controls and prevent fraud within the organisations.

The participants gained knowledges and skills from the course such as the terminology of finance manual, finance policy as well as finance procedures and the eight key steps in developing the financial manual. They also gained knowledges and skills of internal control and how prevent fraud in the organization. The methods used during the training were participatory, small group discussion, and practical sharing.

“I am having trouble with updating my organisation’s financial manual. The knowledges and experiences I got from the facilitators and other participants will surely help me to update my Organisation finance manual in November 2019,” said Mr.OK Aingkim, Executive director of Samaky Organisation based in Kampot province

Mr.Lang Davuth, vice president of CMA based in Siem Reap, said: “These training courses are very useful, they are practical and important for all NGOs. I will share these with the other provincial NGOs network to improve their financial manual and internal control and prevent fraud more effectively.”

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