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Promoting Change through Evidence

Evidence-based advocacy is a process based on data and information. Needs are assessed with a view to advocating for improving current efforts as well as identifying gaps in the implementation process.

In relation to this, Action Research (AR) can help practitioners to gather the evidence in which generating understanding the process, improving program design, and developing achievable—and even scalable—outcomes for policy and programs. AR also promotes strengthening enabling environments to foster progress for addressing issues and advocating for legal and policy frameworks and accountability mechanisms. Using evidence can also enhance advocacy to influence decision-makers, stakeholders, and donors to adopt, integrate, and invest in natural resource protecting interventions.

To explore the role of evidence in advocacy, Mr. CHHIT Muny, the coach from VBNK together with the My Village (MVi) program staff convened a session on April 04-05, 2019 at MVi’s office in Mundulkiri. The session inquired into how evidence can be used to drive change and how action research has been used to encourage evidence-based advocacy to impact program design, practice and policy.

The coach facilitated the learning process and sought to engage MVi’s colleagues to reflect their experiences. At the end of the session, the participants were able to identify issues and stakeholders and to generate plan for conducting action research to gather evidence for improving its program design, practice and impact through better advocacy.

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