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Project Monitoring

  • On 12 and 13 February 2019, two staff of VBNK team supported the design of questionnaires for data collection to Highlander Association in Rattanakiri Province. To be able to design the data collection tools, the participants need to understand the data sources, data collection methods and tools, and understand how to design questionnaires using the various question types.
  • In response to the above objective, VBNK helps participants to develop the questionnaires for data collection which are relevant to the CCSS project’s objectives by developing questionnaires to collect information from local authorities and from their beneficiaries-Indigenous People.
  • After presentation and discussion of the results. The coach then guided them to revise those questionnaires to be more consistent and easier to code and analyze, following the question types that they have learned about. As a result of this practical session, the participants clearly understood how to design questionnaires for data collection and they were very interested in this coaching approach.

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