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Project Baseline

A project cannot be planned unless it has analyzed the situation and have identified problems, needs and challenges to be solved by the project interventions. This analysis gives the project information and ideas for the action to be taken, it may then be formalized in a project plan or proposal. This initial analysis lays the ground for monitoring. This is also known as the baseline. The usual questions answered by the baseline: What is the starting point or what is the situation at the start of the project? The initial situation of the context and the specific problem the project wants to address is often backed up with statistical data usually done through household surveys or participatory appraisals. A baseline of each indicator is needed to define the initial situation for the set of indicators that will be used to report on the level of achievement of the outcomes expressed in the project plan.

VBNK conducted the coaching on baseline data collection and analysis with KAWP, a partner in Battambang on 28-29 August 2020.

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