Practical Design QuickBooks Accounting System for Non-Profit Organisation

AIM: To enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in managing QuickBooks in a single accounting system to produce relevant and reliable financial reports that is useful for all intended users.

OBJECTIVES: By the end of the course, participants will:

  • be able to customize QuickBooks functions according to the nature of their organization’s operation or activities;
  • be able to effectively record their financial transaction in consistent with their existing accounting system;
  • be able to design financial reports in QuickBooks to address reporting requirements from donors and internal users;
  • be able to manage QuickBooks effectively; and
  • believe that good accounting records as essential to ensure their organisation transparency and accountability.


  • QuickBooks Introduction
  • QuickBooks Design Tools
  • Import Data (Import data, Recording Procedures)
  • Export Data (Export Company data files, Review Report, Export Financial Reports)
  • QuickBooks Maintenance (Manage users and Data security)

TARGET GROUPAccountants, Finance Assistants, Finance Officers, and Finance Managers

LOCATION: Siem Reap Province


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