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Outcome And Impact Orientation (OIO) Coaching

Do you have difficulties to write your reports to donors because you have lack of sufficient and reliable information and the lack of proper tools and methods for data collection?  How can we do to address these difficulties? The outcome and impaction orientation framework will provide you step by step orientation on how to prepare for data collection to fit the monitoring purposes.

Morodok is one of the other Bftw’s partner organizations receiving support on PME/OIO. VBNK consultant provided coaching session to their staff on 25 – 26 July 2017 on reviewing their data collection tools and methods. To ensure that Morodok have a proper data collection tools and methods, coach has reviewed their approved proposal and reports to donors, their existing M&E framework and tools and methods. The review process informed coach of the gaps in their report writing to donors, in M&E framework and in the data collection tools and methods.


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