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Getting the most from meeting with government officials

Good laws and fair enforcement can protect people and bring them happiness. Government officials have the power to influence the legislative process and enforcement. One of NGOs’ roles is to inform the officials about the practical needs and issues of people at the communities since they are working directly with them. To fulfill this role a meeting with government officials is a must.


Meeting with government officials is not easy since they have busy schedule and may have different agenda in their minds. In order to get most result and maintain good relationship with them, we have to be well prepared and skillful in our communication strategy. These are included but not limited to secure a meeting with appropriate officials, research their interest, choose appropriate time and place, and prepare a briefing paper and expected action. During the meeting, we need to use our active listening and speaking skill. After the meeting, a follow-up letter will be send to remind them of the discussion and commitment.


On 3rd of May 2019, at GADC office in Phnom Penh, VBNK conducted a coaching session with key staff of GADC on the lobbying skill as well as practice preparing and meeting with government officials. GADC team members will use this skill and tip for effective implementation of their respective projects.

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