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Effective Ways in Enhancing Civic Engagement

Local government has much to gain from the civic engagement and citizen participation in the democratic development and they help improve better service deliveries. Civic engagement is when people take an active role in the process of the development of their communities. Their engagement can seek to influence the decision-making process which affect their life and communities. Civic engagement is incredibly important because people’s participation increases the wellbeing of everyone as the community is able to voice their concerns and find ways to address their issues.

My Village is one of VBNK’s partners under the CCSS project in Mondulkiri. They work to help address the issues of the villagers such as illegal forest destruction, land grabbling, and illegal fishing. Their project is to enhance the engagement of indigenous women and indigenous youth with the local authorities in areas of natural resource governance.

On 29-30 January 2019, in Mondulkirir, VBNK conducted a coaching session with the key staff of My Village on the strategy and action plan to achieve the project goal. VBNK consultants shared the effective steps to realize the project objectives and how to monitor the progress made.

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