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Developing a shared view of the organisation’s history’

As each individual staff have become part of the organisation at different times over its life, their knowledge and view of the organisation were also different. It is very importance that occasionally we allocate time to do something to develop a shared view of the organisation’s history.

During the CCHR mid-term strategic review, a VBNK consultant facilitated the Historical Scanning exercise in which staff were asked to recall memorable events and external factors over the past 10 years that represent milestones or turning points for their organisation. The exercise proved to be effective in drawing out key learning from the opportunity and challenges and how the organisation responded to them. The learning is now being used to shape the future strategic direction.

It is worthwhile to note that at one point one staff said, ‘the exercise on historical scanning was an effective tool for reflecting the past experience and drawing out learning’, he added that ‘we may want to adopt the tool to use in the annual reflection exercise’ which serves in a similar way to reflect the past in terms of key learnings.

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