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Community Reflection – a way of learning from experience

Reflection is the process of thinking about what we have done and processing it to draw lessons learned from our experiences. It is to reflect what went well and what went not so well, especially finding point to improve for next activities related to meeting facilitation skills, mobilization, organization, how to respond to citizen needs and making next action plan. The community reflection meeting also discussed the issues or need that raised by citizens to be included in Investment Program (IP) of the commune councils and which issues that cannot be put in the IP. For those issues that cannot be put in the IP we discussed and put them in the Local Action Plan (LAP) in order to find supporters and responders to the citizens’ needs. The reflection also provided the opportunity to foster individual and team development.


On June 14 2019, after the village consultative meeting in their respective communities, VBNK conducted the reflection meeting with staff of NGO partners (COWS and CoDec), Commune Counselors (CC), Women and Children Commune Committee (CCWC), Community Representative (CR). After the reflection, all of them recognized their capacity and committed to improving their knowledge and skills on facilitating the village meeting through continuous learning from next meeting.  

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