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Outreach Activity- Community Empowerment Cambodia

The Outreach Activity is a main activity of Empowering Accountability project, so every quarterly NGOs partner conduct with duty bearers and community representatives the outreach activity to the citizen at the villages.


  • Discuss how good governance and democratic processes can support citizens to be involved with the local development issues including their involvement in planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluating that are provided by their local duty bearers and NGOs.
  • Assist citizens to understand about their rights to information, to participate in local development projects and to be able to hold their duty bearers and NGOs to account for effective and high-quality service provision that responds to needs
  • Empower citizens to have a voice in decision-making processes relating to local development.
  • Gather citizens’ priority issues in community development issues.

Ms. Hong Seng Ly, 36 years live in Kvet Thom villages, I’ m happy to meet with CC and CCWC and CRs that help citizen understand the rights of access to information and to raised citizen village’s concern to CCs/CCWCs for responding to community development such as: for repair road, so citizen easily travel for selling product, increase price rice, have more school and other issues in village and commune. And especially the outreach activities in the village are the bridge for building the good relationship between citizen and CCs/CCWCs and CRs for having good local development in effectively responding to citizens’ demands.

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