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Community Consultation Meeting

Community consultation meeting is one of the main activities of VBNK and its partners to promote empowerment, accountability and other aspects of good governance in the selected target areas. Community empowerment means that people gain better understanding of the factors related to the development that would improve their situation. The village consultative meeting is conducted to involve the community in decision making and monitoring action that might affect them. The process will help them to become more proactive in making the solutions effective. Also, it would help the duty bearers to better fulfil their obligations, including consultation with and accountability to, their stakeholders.

On 24, 25 and 28 October 2019, VBNK facilitator conducted pre-meeting with Commune Councils (CCs)/Commune Council for Women and Children (CCWCs), and Community Representatives (CRs) and NGO partner (KHEMARA) in target villages in Tbong Khmum province to prepare for the Second Community Consultation.

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