Communications and Media Strategy Training

Welcome to Communications and Media Strategy Training

During the Communications and Media Strategy Training, Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • What is a Communications and Media Strategy?
  • How to analyze target audiences
  • How to review current communications and marketing within their own organizations
  • How to develop their own objectives for their organization’s Communications and Media Strategy.
  • How to develop Key Messages to use for their comms and marketing How to build and maintain media relationships.
  • How to create a Communications and Media Strategy and Action Plan.
  • How to track communications and marketing and revise the strategy/action plan in response to any emerging issues.


Please note


Note: The Communications and Media Strategy training will consist of two parts: Part 1 – two-days Introductory training (in September 2020) and a 1-day Follow-Up training (in November 2020). Between Part 1 and the Follow-up session, participants will be expected to conduct ‘home work’ at their office and undertake consultations with their staff teams in order for them to complete some tasks and to prepare for the Follow-Up Session; which will be a review of progress and achievements. Therefore, any participants wishing to attend will need to get a signed letter of commitment from their Manager or Director, to confirm that they will be supported to undertake the ‘homework’ tasks between the two trainings. Only those with a signed commitment will be enrolled for the training.

For more information please see the flyer:AC Communications and Media Strategy Training Flyer PDF

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