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Are we implementing the project with conflict sensitivity?

Every development project generally intends for community or society improvement with harmonization and peace.  The project holders always want to see the results contributing to long lasting development and peace. However, the details of the project implementation is, somehow, has unintended negative effects which the project implementers as well as people concerned do not want to see.

Do No Harm is one of the useful approaches and tools that support the organization or project implementers or actors to analyze if their project design or implementation may support to positive effects/connectors or unintentionally contribute to negative effects/dividers. Its principle is to design, implement and manage the project with conflict sensitivity.

Do No Harm experts of VBNK in Cooperation with Do No Harm Cambodia team have facilitated various training courses for Cambodian NGOs to explore learning about how to use Do No Harm tool to examine their programs to maximize positive impact in future. From June 22-24 2020, we provided this training to 22 LWD project staff.

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