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Annual Reflection Workshop

The annual reflection workshop is the process of thinking about what we have achieved, processing it to draw lessons learned from our experiences to improve the following year implementation. It is to reflect what went well and what went not so well, especially finding point to improve for next activities, how to respond to citizen needs and making next action plan. The annual reflection workshop also discussed the capacity needs raised by community representatives and commune councilors that involved with Empowering Accountability project. The reflection workshop is very importance and useful due to the annual reflection that provided good opportunity to exchange experiences to each other and find points to improve on time.

VBNK staff under the project EAP (Empowerment, Accountability Project) conducted this reflection workshop on March 19 2020 in Kompong Thom province in collaboration with NGO partners (AFD, COWS, CoDec, and EHE), commune councilors and CCWC from 8 communes, 32 community representatives.

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