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1st Learning Circles on OIO-PME conducted successfully in 2018

1st Learning Circles on OIO-PME conducted successfully in 2018, now this is the first OIO-PME Learning Circle in 2019 on sharing and learning on good practices of OIO-PME resulted from all participating partner organizations (PO) of BdfW in Cambodia have applied OIO-PME in their project implementation. It was commenced on 29 – 30 August 2019 with participated by 30 participants from 18 PO. This LC funded by BfdW with the following objectives:

  1. Each PO explain their results of the application of learning from OIO/PME face to face coaching and from the last learning circle to all participants.
  2. Define good practices of OIO/PME in M&E plan/framework and data collection tools.
  3. Aware of challenges faced by partner organizations related to the integration and implementation OIO/PME’s concepts and practices.
  4. Agree on the possible solutions to overcome the defined challenges by each partner organization.
  5. Identified the learning needs related to OIO by all POs.

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